The new home of the SNFA

The new home of the SNFA

Welcome to the new home of the Sealand National Football Association (SNFA).

The lastest news on both the national team and the celebrity Allstars side will be now available on this part of the official Sealand government website. 

The national team hope to have a busy 2014 which started with a 6-1 win over UK Tamil League club side East London Elite in Southend on January 19th. Non-FIFA internationals against the Chagos Islands and Somaliland have been pencilled in for February and May respectively with invitations from Monaco, Alderney and South Ossetia also under consideration by the SNFA. It's also hoped that a new managerial team will be announced soon.

The Allstars will also be in action with a return to Craven Cottage in May for another charity match against a Fulham legends side as well as other fund raising games.

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