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  • Sealand Identity Card
    Sealand Identity CardSealand Identity Card
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    5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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    Carry a Sealand Identity card to show your support for Sealand or to show off your Noble Title! 

    Metallic silver PVC card that holds information on a magnetic stripe on the back.

    (Click here for more information)

    (After you purchase your Identity card we will email you with the application form that you must complete and return to us by email or post)

    Customer Reviews

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    Rating: 5
    Name Lord Day
    Title Very impressive.
    Comment As with all the principalities documentation, high quality and professional.
    Product Recommended
    Lord Day - 26-Aug-2015
    Rating: 5
    Name Matt
    Title This is an awesome product.
    Comment One of the reasons I bought it, is because in the Netherlands you have to give your fingerprint to renew your ID-card and passport. I don't like that idea, I have nothing to hide but it makes me feel uncomfortable. My ID-card was expired and if you have an expired or don't have an ID-card you can be fined 45 Euro, and I don't want to walk around with my passport (Id cards are cheaper then passports and can be used throughout Europe while passports are for non eu travel) Anyway, I had to show my PoS ID card a few times. To buy smokes, beer and once to a cop. And I didn't got a fine. This way I still obey the law, protest against it. AND supporting the most awesome micro nation in the wold. Principality of Sealand!
    Product Recommended
    Matt - 22-Jul-2013
    Rating: 5
    Name Wendy Marcelli
    Title Exactly what I was hoping for!
    Comment Looks great, and actually arrived very quickly.
    Product Recommended
    Wendy Marcelli - 28-Feb-2013
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